SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG Herkulessaal München: As to the pianist’s manual skills the evening had something sensational about it: Robert Leonardy must be an excellent piano teacher indeed because he succeeds in presenting most difficult parts with natural, relaxed, precise movements – because there is never the impression of something forced, distorted, sweaty and therefore exhausting. The technique thus is brilliantly accurate – and a vivid, overtly melodious expression adds to it … (Joachim Kaiser)
STUTTGARTER NEUESTE NACHRICHTEN Liederhalle Stuttgart: It has been a long time since we have heard Beethoven’s famous fifth Piano Concerto perfomed so sweepingly and on such high artistic level …


LÜBECKER NACHRICHTEN Schleswig-Holstein-Festival: Technically brilliant, with all agogical, sensitive emphases and with a touch that even in the pianissimo passages embodied the melodious and contrapuntal lines he was able to fascinate the audience. Great applause!
LE REPUBLICAIN LORRAIN Arsenal Metz: Robert Leonardy constantly proves that also with this highly popular concerto (Tchaikowsky Piano Concerto no.1 in B minor) it is possible to display pianistic facets which are both amazing and inspiring.


FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE Festsaal des Palmengartens Frankfurt: The pianist Robert Leonardy proved himself a sensitive master of his profession. Fully obvious was his mastery in Mozart’s Piano Concerto in A major. His superior skills made the audience forget the technical difficulties of the work and directed their attention to the elaborate, in its expression highly differentiated musical arrangement.
NOUVELLES D’ALSACE Palais des Congres Strasbourg: The internationally renowned German pianist Robert Leonardy was the soloist of the 1st Piano Concerto by Franz Liszt. This concert requires an excellent piano technique and outstanding virtuosity. Robert Leonardy has both. He is a brilliant pianist and elicits from his instrument all facets in the spirit of Liszt.


FRANKFURTER NEUE PRESSE Mozart’s Piano Concerto was performed by Robert Leonardy. At times pensively vague, then hastily rushing forward, concise in its fluency and surprising in its accentuation was the pianist’s presentation, who in the Chopin encore finally proved himself a veritable master of the keys.
TRIERISCHER VOLKSFREUND Kronprinzenpalais Trier: With ease the pianist here mastered the manifold difficulties of the piece (Liszt’s sonata in B minor), wide interval skips combined with the crossing of hands, rapid repetitions and quick chromatic passages were played by him with an ease that was proof of his accomplished technique. Enthusiastic applause by the audience.


WESTFÄLISCHER MERKUR Stadttheater Münster: Leonardy turned the theatre into an upper-class parlour and showed above all a virtuous delight in playing which he endowed with the charm of the “Nocturnes” by Chopin. And as if the brilliance of the “Great Polonaise” was not enough, the pianist jumped at a concert paraphrase about the “Blue Danube” – where there are usually three pianos involved, he managed to do with only one …
SAARBRÜCKER ZEITUNG Audimax University of Saarbrücken: Leonardy’s pianistic proficiency presents itself in Busoni’s “Ten Variations on a Prelude by Chopin” free from artistic arrogance, versatile and brilliant. The audience could admire a touch which once seemed like cast in lead, then like walking on air.


NORDSEE-ZEITUNG Stadttheater Bremerhaven: Robert Leonardy was won for this concert as a soloist. He is a pianist who apparently takes delight in mastering greatest difficulties with an air of utmost easiness. Thus he vehemently took to the “Burlesque” by Richard Strauss, with brilliant octave passages, with shooting rapid scale passages, in short with all characteristics of high virtuosity. But he also relished the thematic dialogues and gave especially interesting moments to the work which in itself is not very profound.
WIESBADENER TAGBLATT Burg Eltville: a pianist who ranges among the most inspiring and respectable artists today, superior and fanciful – at one point with swift tempi, then pausing and meditating, then again with sweeping brilliancy.


DIE RHEINPFALZ Centre d’animation culturel Bitche: [Tchaikowsky's Piano Concerto no. 1 in B minor] … made the concert in Bitche a very special event for the audience. Both Robert Leonardy’s way of playing and his gestures expressed passion and were highly precise, thus inciting also the orchestra to give their best.
DIE RHEINPFALZ Landstuhl: It is remarkable with which sensitiveness the “Moonlight” Sonata was performed. Whether restrained severity was required in the smooth movements of the triplets or exuberant delight in playing, Leonardy always found the right measure. With highly precise technique and superior composure.


DEWEZET-HAUPTAUSGABE Kursaal Bad Pyrmont: A special experience was the concert of the pianist Robert Leonardy. In his performance he points out the unique character of Mozart’s Piano concerto in A major KV414: even musically less important passages are given the character of improvisation by spontaneous variations of tempo. His outstanding touch allows him to be completely free in his artistic expression.
SCHWARZWÄLDER BOTE Konzertsaal Rottweil: Schubert’s “Impromptu” perfectly suited the pianist’s preference of dynamic variety and change of movements. Although the prevailing mood was strictly intellectual, there was again and again a streak of pathos that caught the attention of the audience. As a cogent continuation came then the grasp at the “Arabesque” and “Novelette” by Robert Schumann. The pianist mastered the peculiar rhythmic intricacies; he savoured the wealth and colourfulness of the sounds with orchestral notions which dominated the tone – his technique was marvellous –


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