The pianist

He is the exception to the rule for somebody pursuing a career as a pianist: the youngest child of a family of highly talented musicians Robert Leonardy´s first ambitions were in the field of sports rather than music. However, Prof. Fritz Griem, his first teacher at the University of Music in Saarbrücken, immediately discovered the “raw” exceptional talent of the then 14-year-old, who subsequently during his course of studies underwent rigorous training by Prof. Erich Flinsch, the well-known pupil of Liszt (“For a pianist´s career it´s almost high noon”). It turned out a success: Leonardy won important prizes at international piano competitions, he performed in all important European centres of music.
Due to his “late career” Leonardy was initially regarded as a kind of “career changer” by the great conductors. It took some time until – after performances in London, Berlin and Munich – he could finally win recognition, being splendidly reviewed by critics because of his “exceptional keystroke, profound musicality and stupendous technique.” Numerous recordings of albums and CDs, radio and television broadcasts followed. Today, Robert Leonardy is one of the most interesting German pianists with a repertoire ranging from pre-classical up to present-day music.


Alas, if there were just more artists as curious, courageous, adventurous and versatile as Robert Leonardy – and besides able to play the piano with such fabulous virtuosity!

JOACHIM KAISER, Süddeutsche Zeitung

That´s real Chopin – all the virtuosity, all the poetry, played with imagination, style and elegance. Lovely!

JOHN AMIS, The Times London

I very much enjoyed this CD with Chopin music. We will gladly keep talking about this extraordinary performance. Congratulations!


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